Marcus (Mark) Pasveer is an agribusiness photographer with 36 years of experience. Marcus works for various publishers.

  • CRV Delta, Arnhem Netherlands, which is the publisher of multiple magazines:
    • Veeteelt
    • De Boerin
    • CRV Magazine
    • Cow Management USA
  • Lely Nederland N.V. Maassluis Netherlands
  • SCR Milking Intelligence Italy
  • Misset Doetinchem Netherlands, magazines:
    • Boerderij Magazine
    • Trekker Magazine
  • Tun Media, Oslo Norway, magazine:
    • Traktor Magasinet

For enquiries, please leave a message below.

    Marcus (Mark) Pasveer
    Lytse Buorren 2
    9074 BW Hallum
    The Netherlands
    +31 6 23 58 11 87

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